About Oodigi

3D models and animations take a tremendous amount of time to create. It is great to have a go-to-source to pickup some simple and well designed models and animations to include in projects.  We are constantly working on projects and find that sharing our work can help others achieve their modeling and animation project goals saving time and effort. These models can be used in your projects whether the final product is for personal or commercial use. You can use them as is or modify them to meet your needs. The purchase fee contributes to our ability to add more to this library. It is not necessary, but we ask if the opportunity presents itself that you give source credit to Oodigi so that others can find our service. We do reserve the rights to distribute these digital files and you do not resell these digital files individually, in part, or as a bundled product. Please, consider us for your reliable source of 3D models, animations, and digital downloads.