Eyeball 3D Model


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This product is a digital 3D model file of an Eyeball. This is NOT a physical item.

This 3D model was created using Autodesk Maya 2015.

It is great to show in a 3D scene and will save you construction time on your project.


Verts: 1693
Edges: 3366
Faces: 1674


The product is contained in a ZIP file that you will be able to download to your computer immediately after purchase has been approved. Open the ZIP file to extract the contents. The extracted files can be imported into your digital content creation application.

ZIP file size: 14.5MB

ZIP file for this product contains the following files:


Eyeball.fbx  (File in FBX format that is accepted by many digital content creation applications. This file contains the .jpg Texture and Bump maps which will be extracted when you import the 3D model into your application.)

Eyeball.ma  (File in AutoDesk Maya format. You will want to have the Texture and Bump map .jpg files in the folder with the .ma file when you open the file in Maya or import the 3D model into your application.)

EyeballBumpMap.jpg, EyeballTextureMap.jpg, IrisBumpMap.jpg and IrisTextureMap.jpg (Texture and Bump maps. You will want to have these files in the folder with the .ma file when you import the 3D model into your application.)

The ZIP file will be available for downloading in your Oodigi account for one week after purchase.  If you don’t already have an Oodigi account, you will be required to set up an Oodigi account during the order process. If you encounter any problems accessing your account and downloading the ZIP file please contact Oodigi and we will work to correct the issue.

Read the Terms & Conditions for details on the purchase license use of this product.



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